recently written: custom work

i’ve had the privilege of creating several custom prints for clients in the last few weeks time. below are images of one of the largest prints i have done to date, an 11×14. if you would like a piece of art created for yourself or a friend, please don’t hesitate to contact me through email or etsy. more items similar to this are coming to the madeinthefold shop soon.

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chalkboard compositions

many times, i look for potential in unexpected places. such was the case the other day at a favorite store when i stumbled upon geometric shaped chalk in the kids section. i thought it would be fun to shoot and also great to try out on my chalkboard. so, i searched through my stash of favorite quotes and compiled a couple of compositions together. enjoy!

compositions | #madeinthefold compositions | #madeinthefold compositions | #madeinthefold compositions | #madeinthefold compositions | #madeinthefold

recently lettered: custom projects

a few more custom projects have come my way in the past few weeks. one was a special request by a client to a designer who had re-branded her website, the other was by a sweet friend for a wedding gift. both were extremely different in undertaking, but so much fun to make. i love that i get to do this kind of work – it’s so fulfilling to allow people the freedom to help express their own vision and create something they truly love. if you have an idea for a project for yourself, please head to my shop to start the process. hope you enjoy!

custom work | #madeinthefold custom work | #madeinthefold custom work | #madeinthefold


product spotlight: graduation announcements

in the process of continuing to expand my products and selection, i have begun to look to those events in life where paper goods are always a benefit and fun addition. these announcements are intended for grads from high school or college, but the idea can easily translate to a baby announcement or any other type of news that you’d like to spread to those you love. head over to the shop for pricing and details!

grad announcement | #madeinthefold grad announcement | #madeinthefold grad announcement | #madeinthefold grad announcement | #madeinthefold

recently gifted: custom photo mat

it wasn’t too long ago that i shared this idea and custom request, but i recently gifted a photo mat of my own. i gave this mat to a couple with lyrics from the song to which the bride walked down the aisle. the music in their ceremony held a lot of meaning and was full of worship and praise, including this song.

this item is now officially also listed in the shop. if you’d like me to letter something on a mat for you or for someone you know, please don’t hesitate to convo me through etsy or send me an email!

hand-letttered photo mats | #madeinthefold hand-letttered photo mats | #madeinthefold hand-letttered photo mats | #madeinthefold

recent vendor show: the Notwedding 2013

the NotWedding, which took place at the end of february, was a great opportunity to meet new vendors and connect with those who are in the wedding industry in atlanta. the food, music, and dancing combined to offer a great night of fun and celebration as we witnessed zac and lauren renew their vows. below are a few images from the talented kaitie bryant photography as well as o’studios photography. i was lucky enough to have kaitie specifically assigned to me to take some photos of my work at the event. photos include my spot in the “tunnel of love” as well as calligraphy that i did for the each of the menu items. below are also a few of my own photos that i styled of my invites and accessories from the night. enjoy!

notwedding 2013 notwedding 2013 notwedding 2013 notwedding 2013 notwedding 2013 notwedding 2013 notwedding 2013 notwedding 2013 notwedding 2013

recently updated: envelope styles

the most recent envelope style was revealed at the NotWedding (pics and details to come soon). this new style is available in any ink color and envelope combination of your choice. i just finished an order of this new style for a recent bride in black ink on kraft paper. custom inquiries are always welcome. enjoy!

new envelopes | #madeinthefold new envelopes | #madeinthefold new envelopes | #madeinthefold new envelopes | #madeinthefold