product spotlight: baby announcement

this is hopefully the first of many updated products for this new year (look for calendars coming soon!)

this baby announcement can be customized with full name, birth stats, birth date and more if you’d like. for more details and information, please head over to my etsy shop! you can convo me there or email me to begin the process of creating your own. enjoy!

baby announcement | #madeinthefold baby announcement | #madeinthefold baby announcement | #madeinthefold


product spotlight: new menu stamps

a recent inquiry about a custom product allowed me the chance to develop this idea into a new product for the shop!

completely customized and handwritten, this stamp was created and sized at 5″ square to be used to hand stamp all of the bride’s menu cards. this is a great option for the bride who isn’t shy of a little DIY and taking on a bit of production herself. i’d love to talk to you about a stamp or favor idea for your day – please don’t hesitate to contact me! enjoy!

custom menu stamp | #madeinthefold custom menu stamp | #madeinthefold
custom menu stamp | #madeinthefold
custom menu stamp | #madeinthefold

chalkboard compositions

many times, i look for potential in unexpected places. such was the case the other day at a favorite store when i stumbled upon geometric shaped chalk in the kids section. i thought it would be fun to shoot and also great to try out on my chalkboard. so, i searched through my stash of favorite quotes and compiled a couple of compositions together. enjoy!

compositions | #madeinthefold compositions | #madeinthefold compositions | #madeinthefold compositions | #madeinthefold compositions | #madeinthefold

recently lettered: custom projects

a few more custom projects have come my way in the past few weeks. one was a special request by a client to a designer who had re-branded her website, the other was by a sweet friend for a wedding gift. both were extremely different in undertaking, but so much fun to make. i love that i get to do this kind of work – it’s so fulfilling to allow people the freedom to help express their own vision and create something they truly love. if you have an idea for a project for yourself, please head to my shop to start the process. hope you enjoy!

custom work | #madeinthefold custom work | #madeinthefold custom work | #madeinthefold


recently updated: envelope styles

the most recent envelope style was revealed at the NotWedding (pics and details to come soon). this new style is available in any ink color and envelope combination of your choice. i just finished an order of this new style for a recent bride in black ink on kraft paper. custom inquiries are always welcome. enjoy!

new envelopes | #madeinthefold new envelopes | #madeinthefold new envelopes | #madeinthefold new envelopes | #madeinthefold

expanded: watercolor thank-you notes

here is the latest version of the thank-you notes! painted with watercolors and then hand-lettered, these cards can be customized in different colors, or ordered as shown. they are currently printed on soft-white paper as a flat card. please contact me if you’d like your own hand-painted set or look for them in the shop at the beginning of next week!

watercolor thank-you | #madeinthefold watercolor thank-you | #madeinthefold watercolor thank-you | #madeinthefold watercolor thank-you | #madeinthefold

spotlight: tattoo lettering

last october i received a simple inquiry. to me, it was something i had always wanted to do – hand-letter a custom tattoo. after drawing out two simple, yet different styles, i sent it away to my new client and waited for feedback. the process was a beautiful one for me. she told me a little of her story, and i asked her to send pictures when she was done traveling and had the tattoo completed. tuesday, i opened my email and was moved again by the beauty of her story and tears came to my eyes as i saw the simple word “inked” on her inner arm. emma, thank you so much for allowing me to be a part of what the Lord is doing in you. blessings on you and your journey ahead!

tattoo art | #madeinthefold

stirring new creativity: 365 days

i’ve heard and read quite a bit about the popular 365 projects lately. a few people, that i know personally, have actually accomplished them on their own in years past. looking forward in this new year, it seemed to be so fitting to have a small, attainable goal each day for me to accomplish to help stir my own creativity in new ways. so i am going to hand-letter and/or illustrate something every day for the next year – all 365 days of it.

it should be an interesting journey. sitting down and writing, dreaming, planning and thinking about all the things that i desire to happen in this coming year, one of them is to embrace the creativity that i currently have, and start sharing it more in small ways each and every day. i also want to see with more clarity, that i have been extremely blessed. i want to grab hold of these blessings in a tangible way.

i hope to inspire new mediums, new compositions and new formats for my lettering. i also hope this project will bring about expansion, growth, and stretching myself in ways i didn’t think were possible. thanks for coming along on the journey!

#365project #365project #365project