recently inspired: valentine’s day

just the other day, i decided to put together a little bit of inspiration for valentine’s day. with a little twist on the traditional holiday palette, i combined handmade envelopes, hand-cut hearts and painted valentines. both the handwritten valentine and the painted valentine are samples of new items in the shop. also in store are a few other exciting products soon to come. i hope you are inspired by love. enjoy!

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packaging details

having studied graphic design in school, we learned the importance of good packaging. one project required creating our very own bag, sleeve and tag that could be sold to a store for use in their product display. my project included my handwriting (the first time i ever used my handwriting digitally). looking back, i should have seen what was to come! since that time, packaging details have always caught my eye (see my board devoted to packaging details on pinterest), and it’s always a fun part of the process for me to finish up orders from my shop. below i’ve laid out a few my favorite materials when it comes to packaging. small, colorful envelopes, just the right size tag, bakers twine and muslin bags are a few of my go to items when making an item look special and perfect for gifting. these tags are handwritten on kraft paper and are also available in the shop as of today. enjoy!

packaging details 1

packaging details 3 packaging details 2

in development

for the last several weeks, i’ve been trying to pick apart my lettering somewhat to develop some distinct envelope styles. even though its good for things in business (and particularly in mine) to always be changing, sometimes it seems to halt the feeling of progress that i can actually accept something as “finished” and move on to the next task without continually tweaking it again and again. my envelopes have been one of those things.

but, for now, i’m going to put a pause or somewhat “finished” title on them and move on to the next task. i’m sure i’ll return to them again sometime in the near future to develop some more styles once i garner some feedback on what people think about them.

starting small with two styles, one is a mixture of script and print, while the other is a bit fancier with all scripted letters including the address. more styles to come soon. i’m sure of it, but for now, enjoy!

custom party invitations

back in late april/early may, i had the chance to work with a bridesmaid that needed bachelorette party invitations.

i enjoyed this process of creating invites for a bridesmaid looking to throw her friend a great party before she got married. i added custom lettering and made a repeat pattern that served as the background design. this smaller scale project was a fun new change, and i hope to be able to offer more party invitations similar to these in the future for all kinds of occasions!