recently featured: irrelephant

about a month ago, i had the honor of collaborating with the wonderful joanna ballentine and molly stilley of irrelephant. they were creating a inspirational shoot for a non-traditional thanksgiving table and i was able to hand-letter a menu and placecards. the incredibly talented ginny au styled the shoot and the table was rustic, simple and a beautiful option for the holiday season.

below are a few images of both the place cards and menu, and a few shots from joanna of the day. head on over here to see the rest of the shoot for yourself. thanks so much to all the ladies for the chance to be involved in such a fun shoot!

recently featured: irrelephant recently featured: irrelephant

recently featured: irrelephant


fall romantic wedding

erin and alex are such a fun couple; life and love are full and abundant in their presence. this set of invitations were one of the few that i have had the opportunity to collaborate with another artist, and this time, it was the groom. coming together in a blend of illustration (him) and complete hand-lettering (me), these invites were definitely a combined effort from the beginning to the end. erin and alex, it was such a pleasure working with you on these! i also had the opportunity to style their wedding and those details will come soon, but, for now, enjoy!

collaboration: free wedding

almost three years ago to the day, i was involved in a collaborative project to help throw a free wedding.

many of the vendors from the notwedding that year decided to throw a contest to award a wedding to couples who applied and the one that got the most votes would win a complete wedding – free of charge.

i was a pair of helping hands at the notwedding that march (more to share on that soon), and was asked to come on board when they were in need of a wedding dress. in their minds, the perfect dress was light, airy, full of beautiful details – and sky blue. (it’s not every day you find a sky blue wedding dress!) starting with an old vintage slip that we found in east atlanta, and several yards of sky blue silk chiffon, we began cutting and draping a dress. along the way, i helped make a ring pillow and hand-bound the guest book which was covered in a vintage piece of cloth.

the day was sweet and such a fun celebration to be a part of. the vendors came together in a fun collaboration of whimsy, charm, and sweet romance, which was everything this couple was about.

it was such a pleasure to get to know and celebrate kaitlyn and sam. enjoy the pictures below, and if you want to see even more images from our labor of love, it was featured on oncewed here and here (and more).

wedding day hooray + table competition

i have shared a little bit about the show that i was involved in back in february – wedding day hooray – but i wanted to share some more details from the day. it was my first vendor show, and therefore, much of it was a learning experience.

it was so much fun to be involved in an environment where i was surrounded by creatives (who are also just as enthusiastic about the handmade wedding industry as i am), to network and build relationships with them and of course to meet all the fun clients that came through ambient + studio.

this booth was a dream back in october when i signed up to be a part of the show. when i found out in january that i had made it in, i hit the ground running trying to find just the right props and materials to make everything just the way it needed to be and the way i had pictured it for months.

as a vendor, we were each required to make what they call “swag” – also known as free giveaway goodies – and i decided to showcase one of my favor tag ideas – from the sweet treat collection. i attached starburst to the front and hoped that it would make an impact with all those who had a soft spot for pink and sweets!

here’s what the final booth set up looked like.
it was quite the juggling act trying to set this up entirely as well as decorate our table (more on that later), all in a matter of 3 short hours (i couldn’t have done it without the amazing support of miss rachel clifford!). i also owe a shout-out to miss katie scoglietti for coming to help out as well!

i wanted to show a little bit of everything that i like to do, so i had old custom projects shown, my small set of current collection suites were hung on the screen door, the stamps were debuted (check out last week’s post for more info on those), and i also introduced a few new other products (both handwritten and printed) that will be shared shortly – stay tuned!

the main focus was on my custom suites (my absolute favorite part of freelance work). so i designed a new custom suite and laid out the process from beginning to end. starting with original concepts, onto sketches, color palettes, other materials (such as textiles) for inspiration and textures, and finally the finished invites, coordinated printed pieces, a styled place setting and even an example of a bridal bouquet. i wanted brides to be able to picture original ideas and concepts laid out in a fashion where it can become a beautiful product that encompasses even the smallest details (which i think can be the most important and worth including).

another fun part to this new experience was collaborating in the table decor competition with jamie of julia’s poppies design. we brainstormed and worked long and hard making flowers, dying coffee filters and designing all the printed accessories to go with one of our newest suites – the melbourne collection (part of our new collection launching soon!).

the table is pictured below, and the DIY that we created was actually featured on Ruffled a couple of weeks ago!!

overall, the experience far exceeded my expectations and the feedback that i received was warm and so welcomed to a newbie like me trying to find my way in the world of handmade weddings. looking forward to bigger dreams and larger goals. here’s to new adventures in the future!

go to my shop to see more information about my products, and you can also like me on facebook!

lavender editorial shoot

this project is actually from a few years ago, but i’ve never had the opportunity to share my contribution to this photo shoot personally, so i’ve decided to share some of this day from the king plow arts center. this venue is industrial in nature, but still feels like a loft. it was so inspiring just to walk around in. the talented tec petaja took all the photos, and the shoot was featured on oncewed both here and here.

the inspiration for this shoot was all about the softness of vellum, translucent paper and fabrics, combined with the color and texture of lavender and paired with romantic candlelight. this was one of the first projects where i was able to use my hand-lettering (seen on the place cards). i handmade a variety of paper flowers, and i also was asked to make a vellum chandelier (which turned out to be quite the undertaking!).

i used small PVC piping that was joined together for the frame. strips cut of vellum were punched by hand and then joined together by jump rings. i wanted the strips to be fluid and hang naturally and thought that joining them with the jump rings would allow for that to happen. i attached a metal ring in the center of the top part of the frame with wire and we hung the chandelier by fishing wire in the arts center.

the flowers were made from a variety of materials including tissue paper, handmade paper and vellum. the last image shows the idea for the ceremony – a structure filled with draped vellum and loads of candlelight. to see more images from tec, go to his blog, here or here.