inspiration: thanksgiving favor idea

for me, the special moments of the holiday season are always captured in the smallest details. i styled a simple place setting consisting of copper, kraft, and cranberry. this look is simplistic but full of texture. a kraft paper roll (like the one below) could be woven through pumpkins or other decor to mark place cards for each guest.

this year, i was inspired to create individual favors for each guest to take home. mulled cider is a popular drink of choice during the holidays, and this favor idea has everything that they would need packed in a small muslin bag to make their own warm beverage this season.

to make your own mulling spices here’s what you’ll need:
2 cinnamon sticks
1 teaspoon allspice berries
1 teaspoon whole cloves
2 whole star anise (optional)
cardamom pods (optional)

to make cider, break up the larger spices, place them all in a cheesecloth pouch. pour 2 quarts of apple cider into a pot. add 4 strips of lemon or orange zest and the spice mixture and heat until warm enough to serve.

warmest wishes to your family this thanksgiving.

thanksgiving favor idea thanksgiving favor idea thanksgiving favor idea thanksgiving favor idea


every story has a beginning


a few months ago, i went back to a well-known beginning. the story of moses.
struggle, doubt, and confusion surrounded the beginning of his calling as a deliverer of the children of israel.

in looking at exodus 3 and 4, i came to several conclusions about moses.

he hid from the Lord and was afraid to look at His face. (3:6)
he questioned his own worth and value by asking “who am i?” (3:11)
he was hesitant to obey because it was uncomfortable. (3:13)
he doubted the Lord’s word to him. (3:13)
he wanted proof and questioned God. (3:18)
he disagreed with God by stating “they will not believe or listen to me.” (4:1)
he made it about his insecurities. (4:10)
he resisted his new identity as a deliverer of people of God. (4:12-13)

in the conversation between God and moses at the burning bush, He was clearly calling moses out of a life of the mundane to do something great. in one of his pleadings, he told the Lord that he was not eloquent or good with words, that he had a tendency to become tongue-tied. yet, God acknowledged He created his mouth and tongue and He told moses “i will be with your mouth and will teach you what to say.” (4:12)

but moses again pleaded with the Lord. (v. 13) he still didn’t want to go.

the One who identified Himself as the God of abraham, isaac, and jacob spoke personally to moses to call him out from the circumstances he was in, to bring about the deliverance of the people of israel. despite the clarity of the call, unbelief and doubt still flooded his heart. he chose fear instead of trusting in what the Lord was saying to him. moses was unsure and untrusting of the words that were spoken over him. continual excuses were how he combatted the powerful call he was to step into.

then the Lord became angry (vs. 14), and said He would send aaron with him.

even though moses struggled and didn’t fully believe at the beginning of the journey, God still delivered through him. He showed grace towards moses and ultimately he (with the company of aaron) led the people of israel out of egypt. when he and aaron came and told the people of israel what the Lord had spoken, and how He had seen their distress, they fell down and worshiped God. (4.31)

what is He saying about us? the very thing that moses battled with the most fiercely was what God had destined him to be from before the foundations of the world. the chance for Moses to be dependent and always attuned to the Lord’s heart was critical. each step he took and each sign he was to perform was only able to be accomplished through obedience to His voice. moses’s dependence upon the Lord was the only way he accomplished his call. it was the Lord’s power, His plan, His purpose and He desired to use moses (and aaron) to do it.

what does the Lord desire to do through us?  where is there opportunity for Him to display His purpose in our everyday? how can we lean into His heart for those around us?

in what potential ways could we begin to walk in more freedom to be able to see the face of God (and not be ashamed), to believe that our value and worth is from Him alone, and have that knowledge empower us with the freedom to be our most full selves? in what places is our obedience being tested, and what does that reveal about the beliefs in our heart? where can we increase our faith and action even when we don’t have the proof that we may desire? what is He saying about us and our identity?

it is these questions that i have been wrestling with in this current season. even though i don’t know exactly what the call on my life is, i do know it is one that is fashioned for me uniquely, and i desire to pursue it with all of my being. even among the weaknesses and times of struggle, times of fear and disbelief, and times of uncertainty and doubt, my desire is still to hear the words that He is speaking over me and take steps (however small) in that direction. to intimately pursue the Lord’s heart. to begin my story.

outdoor spring wedding: details

back in the spring, i had the chance to help two dear friends style their wedding. they asked me to help with almost every part of the execution of their day and i was so honored to be involved in each and every detail. from menus and programs to flowers, bouquets and seating charts, everything was handwritten and attended to with care to make sure their day was perfect. even though the weather was unexpectedly cold and rainy, it was still a beautiful union to behold. below are pictures captured from the extremely wonderful and talented, mandy busby. it was a pleasure to finally meet and work with her. enjoy!

outdoor spring wedding: details | photo by mandy busby #madeinthefold outdoor spring wedding: details | photo by mandy busby #madeinthefold outdoor spring wedding: details | photo by mandy busby #madeinthefold outdoor spring wedding: details | photo by mandy busby #madeinthefold outdoor spring wedding: details | photo by mandy busby #madeinthefold outdoor spring wedding: details | photo by mandy busby #madeinthefold outdoor spring wedding: details | photo by mandy busby #madeinthefold outdoor spring wedding: details | photo by mandy busby #madeinthefold

recently quoted

i recently created a custom painting for a wedding gift. she provided her favorite quote and asked me to letter it plus add in some watercolor touches. below is the final product of a line from the movie love actually. if you’d like something similar created for you or for someone you know, please contact me through my etsy shop or send me an email. enjoy!

custom watercolor art | #madeinthefold custom watercolor art | #madeinthefold custom watercolor art | #madeinthefold

product spotlight: new menu stamps

a recent inquiry about a custom product allowed me the chance to develop this idea into a new product for the shop!

completely customized and handwritten, this stamp was created and sized at 5″ square to be used to hand stamp all of the bride’s menu cards. this is a great option for the bride who isn’t shy of a little DIY and taking on a bit of production herself. i’d love to talk to you about a stamp or favor idea for your day – please don’t hesitate to contact me! enjoy!

custom menu stamp | #madeinthefold custom menu stamp | #madeinthefold
custom menu stamp | #madeinthefold
custom menu stamp | #madeinthefold

product spotlight: book and notebook covers

this idea was birthed by wanting to give an old piece a new look. customizable in size and color, these covers can be made for any hard or soft-covered book or notebook. whether you’d like to re-organize a library, create a brand-new look with color-coded spines, or create a collection of customized journals, anything is possible with this idea. please head over to my etsy shop later on today for a peak at the listing and details. enjoy!

book and notebook covers | #madeinthefold book and notebook covers | #madeinthefold book and notebook covers | #madeinthefold book and notebook covers | #madeinthefold

recently published: baby shower

last month, i was featured as a stationer for a british themed baby shower in occasions magazine. i’ve been excited and waiting to share this news for quite some time. i created an invitation, place cards as well as tea tags for the images you see below. many thanks to the extremely talented callie murray for asking me to be a part of this shoot and for the amazing pictures below!

published | #madeinthefold published | #madeinthefold published | #madeinthefold

published | #madeinthefold

published | #madeinthefold

published | #madeinthefold

get styled: no. 2

typically, summer attire basics consist of cool pieces with easy style. below i’ve created a round-up of some standard items that could be found in any wardrobe, a loose tank top, sandals, a basic necklace and a neutral bangle. i’ve paired it with one new item that is on trend, the floral short (it’s all about the patterned trousers or shorts this season). sometimes all it takes is one piece to create a whole new outfit. enjoy!

get styled: no. 2 | #madeinthefold

tank | blazer | short | necklace | bangle | sandal

chalkboard compositions

many times, i look for potential in unexpected places. such was the case the other day at a favorite store when i stumbled upon geometric shaped chalk in the kids section. i thought it would be fun to shoot and also great to try out on my chalkboard. so, i searched through my stash of favorite quotes and compiled a couple of compositions together. enjoy!

compositions | #madeinthefold compositions | #madeinthefold compositions | #madeinthefold compositions | #madeinthefold compositions | #madeinthefold