product spotlight: customizable thank you stamp

some friends of mine just got married recently, and for their gift, i made the bride a custom thank you stamp to create her own stationery. paired with simple kraft paper and envelopes,┬áthis stamp can be used for years to come and on whatever stationery is at hand. if you’d like your own version of a thank you stamp or if you have something else in mind, please don’t hesitate to contact me.┬áhead on over to the shop and see what else is new. enjoy!

thank you stamp | #madeinthefold

thank you stamp | #madeinthefold

thank you stamp | #madeinthefold


product spotlight: baby announcement

this is hopefully the first of many updated products for this new year (look for calendars coming soon!)

this baby announcement can be customized with full name, birth stats, birth date and more if you’d like. for more details and information, please head over to my etsy shop! you can convo me there or email me to begin the process of creating your own. enjoy!

baby announcement | #madeinthefold baby announcement | #madeinthefold baby announcement | #madeinthefold

product spotlight: baby name prints

my most recent idea for watercolors includes customizing them into prints for baby names. the idea can take the form of whatever you might want it to look like. whether it’s an important verse, meaning of the child’s name, date of birth, or prayer over their life, i’d love to paint and write whatever vision you might have. sizes and colors can be chosen as well (pictured below is sized at 5 x 7). enjoy!

baby name prints | #madeinthefold baby name prints | #madeinthefold baby name prints | #madeinthefold

recently updated: envelope styles

the most recent envelope style was revealed at the NotWedding (pics and details to come soon). this new style is available in any ink color and envelope combination of your choice. i just finished an order of this new style for a recent bride in black ink on kraft paper. custom inquiries are always welcome. enjoy!

new envelopes | #madeinthefold new envelopes | #madeinthefold new envelopes | #madeinthefold new envelopes | #madeinthefold

recently updated: return address stamp

the return address stamp now has a brand new look. not only is the name hand-lettered, but now the entire address is as well! once the listing is purchased, it takes about 3 weeks in total for the stamp to ship to you. the stamp can come in a pre-inked version or one that is custom mounted to wood. you can check out the rest of the details in the shop. enjoy!

address stamps | #madeinthefold address stamps | #madeinthefold address stamps | #madeinthefold address stamps | #madeinthefold

product spotlight: thank you notes

thank you notes have made their way into the shop. simply written with a few decorative swirls, these cards fit the bill for any thank you that you might need to send. these are the first of a few styles to be introduced into the shop, so stay tuned for more to come in the next few weeks. feel free to head on over to the shop and see what else is new! enjoy!

thank you notes | #madeinthefold thank you notes | #madeinthefold thank you notes | #madeinthefold

recently crafted: handwritten valentines

last week i spent an afternoon thinking on and crafting some goods to put in the shop for valentine’s day. as i was pondering what to write, lots of “be mines” and “xoxos” were floating around in my head, along with the traditional palette that always consists of red, red and more red. all of these things are great, sweet and meaningful, but sometimes, i just have the urge to stray from the traditional. in fact, most times, that’s what i’d rather do. so in going my own way, i put all of those thoughts aside, and went back to the basics, for me. kraft paper, white ink, and soft hues. below is the product of my afternoon’s work. i was inspired by the sentimental poem from e.e. cummings “i carry your heart,” and used that as a jumping off point for my inspiration. with lots of room for customization, these goods can now be found in the shop. so, go check out these and more available for v-day. enjoy!

valentines | #madeinthefold valentines | #madeinthefold valentines | #madeinthefold

product spotlight: packaging kits

along with expanding into tags, postcards, and more lifestyle goods, i am now also introducing packaging kits in the shop.

the kit displayed below was custom created for packaging calendars for the lovely mary anne morgan photography. working together before Christmas, she allowed me to pull whatever sources inspired me and help her come up with a custom vintage-inspired packaging idea. i’m excited that it was only the beginning of fun projects to come. i hand-punched the snowflakes, circles and hand-cut and lettered each of the other pieces to coordinate together to create a specially wrapped calendar for each of her clients.

i’d love to help you create your own custom-designed wrapping for whatever project you have in mind!

packaging kits | #madeinthefold

packaging kits | #madeinthefold