recently written: custom work

i’ve had the privilege of creating several custom prints for clients in the last few weeks time. below are images of one of the largest prints i have done to date, an 11×14. if you would like a piece of art created for yourself or a friend, please don’t hesitate to contact me through email or etsy. more items similar to this are coming to the madeinthefold shop soon.

recently written | #madeinthefold recently written | #madeinthefold recently written | #madeinthefoldrecently written | #madeinthefold


recently featured: irrelephant

about a month ago, i had the honor of collaborating with the wonderful joanna ballentine and molly stilley of irrelephant. they were creating a inspirational shoot for a non-traditional thanksgiving table and i was able to hand-letter a menu and placecards. the incredibly talented ginny au styled the shoot and the table was rustic, simple and a beautiful option for the holiday season.

below are a few images of both the place cards and menu, and a few shots from joanna of the day. head on over here to see the rest of the shoot for yourself. thanks so much to all the ladies for the chance to be involved in such a fun shoot!

recently featured: irrelephant recently featured: irrelephant

recently featured: irrelephant

outdoor spring wedding: details

back in the spring, i had the chance to help two dear friends style their wedding. they asked me to help with almost every part of the execution of their day and i was so honored to be involved in each and every detail. from menus and programs to flowers, bouquets and seating charts, everything was handwritten and attended to with care to make sure their day was perfect. even though the weather was unexpectedly cold and rainy, it was still a beautiful union to behold. below are pictures captured from the extremely wonderful and talented, mandy busby. it was a pleasure to finally meet and work with her. enjoy!

outdoor spring wedding: details | photo by mandy busby #madeinthefold outdoor spring wedding: details | photo by mandy busby #madeinthefold outdoor spring wedding: details | photo by mandy busby #madeinthefold outdoor spring wedding: details | photo by mandy busby #madeinthefold outdoor spring wedding: details | photo by mandy busby #madeinthefold outdoor spring wedding: details | photo by mandy busby #madeinthefold outdoor spring wedding: details | photo by mandy busby #madeinthefold outdoor spring wedding: details | photo by mandy busby #madeinthefold

recently published: baby shower

last month, i was featured as a stationer for a british themed baby shower in occasions magazine. i’ve been excited and waiting to share this news for quite some time. i created an invitation, place cards as well as tea tags for the images you see below. many thanks to the extremely talented callie murray for asking me to be a part of this shoot and for the amazing pictures below!

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published | #madeinthefold

published | #madeinthefold

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recently lettered: custom projects

a few more custom projects have come my way in the past few weeks. one was a special request by a client to a designer who had re-branded her website, the other was by a sweet friend for a wedding gift. both were extremely different in undertaking, but so much fun to make. i love that i get to do this kind of work – it’s so fulfilling to allow people the freedom to help express their own vision and create something they truly love. if you have an idea for a project for yourself, please head to my shop to start the process. hope you enjoy!

custom work | #madeinthefold custom work | #madeinthefold custom work | #madeinthefold


outdoor spring wedding

rachel and andy have a very specific love for all things antique, vintage and high-quality art. each of these elements combined to produce the invitations for their wedding just one week ago. the invitation suite was completely hand-lettered on a soft-white textured paper with natural greens, whites, and lavenders that rounded out their color palette. sealed with a kraft band that showcased a large part of their love story, the mussenden temple, and tucked inside a brown kraft envelope. the finished product was simple and natural.

i also had the opportunity to style their wedding, and those pictures will soon follow. here’s to love, friends and a romantic love story arranged by the One who’s intentionality in each of our lives is beyond our imagination. if you are interested in your own hand-lettered invitations, please head over to my shop to contact me!

outdoor spring wedding | #madeinthefold

recent vendor show: the Notwedding 2013

the NotWedding, which took place at the end of february, was a great opportunity to meet new vendors and connect with those who are in the wedding industry in atlanta. the food, music, and dancing combined to offer a great night of fun and celebration as we witnessed zac and lauren renew their vows. below are a few images from the talented kaitie bryant photography as well as o’studios photography. i was lucky enough to have kaitie specifically assigned to me to take some photos of my work at the event. photos include my spot in the “tunnel of love” as well as calligraphy that i did for the each of the menu items. below are also a few of my own photos that i styled of my invites and accessories from the night. enjoy!

notwedding 2013 notwedding 2013 notwedding 2013 notwedding 2013 notwedding 2013 notwedding 2013 notwedding 2013 notwedding 2013 notwedding 2013

stirring new creativity: 365 days

i’ve heard and read quite a bit about the popular 365 projects lately. a few people, that i know personally, have actually accomplished them on their own in years past. looking forward in this new year, it seemed to be so fitting to have a small, attainable goal each day for me to accomplish to help stir my own creativity in new ways. so i am going to hand-letter and/or illustrate something every day for the next year – all 365 days of it.

it should be an interesting journey. sitting down and writing, dreaming, planning and thinking about all the things that i desire to happen in this coming year, one of them is to embrace the creativity that i currently have, and start sharing it more in small ways each and every day. i also want to see with more clarity, that i have been extremely blessed. i want to grab hold of these blessings in a tangible way.

i hope to inspire new mediums, new compositions and new formats for my lettering. i also hope this project will bring about expansion, growth, and stretching myself in ways i didn’t think were possible. thanks for coming along on the journey!

#365project #365project #365project

recently crafted: handwritten photo mats

this has by far been one of my most favorite projects of all time. not only has it connected me with someone already so dear, but it also was an opportunity for me to be completely open and creative with all forms of my lettering.

this oversized mat was filled with portions of composed wedding vows from a recent wedding. she asked me to find the funny, sweet and sentimental lines and letter them in any way i wanted onto the surface of this mat. she had taken the photos of the wedding (stunningly beautiful ones), and was going to give this frame and photo to the bride and groom as their wedding gift.

at the place where we met, sipped coffee together, shared our hearts and made the actual exchange, i picked up another client for the exact same job, for his wife as his christmas present. it was such a fun day!

below are photos from both mats, each one done differently, each one so fun to create for the recipient. mary anne, i’m so grateful to know you, and thank you for the way you believe in me. your work is a constant inspiration to me!

photo mat 1 photo mat 1 photo mat 1 photo mat 1 photo mat 2 photo mat 2

upcoming event: vendor show

last year, i was a part of my first vendor show experience – Wedding Day Hooray, which is put on by the wonderful minds behind the Indie Craft Experience (otherwise known as I.C.E.). this year, i am so excited to announce that i am part of the NotWedding! taking place on February 25th, at Mason Murer Fine Art Center.

below is the inspiration board that i, along with the rest of the vendors, was given as the starting point for all of the decor and design. i’ve attended a few NotWeddings, and it is always so fun to see how this main inspiration is interpreted in so many different ways. i am excited to see what this year holds and to re-connect with old friends and meet new ones. please help spread the word, and enjoy!

notwedding inspiration