product spotlight: customizable thank you stamp

some friends of mine just got married recently, and for their gift, i made the bride a custom thank you stamp to create her own stationery. paired with simple kraft paper and envelopes,┬áthis stamp can be used for years to come and on whatever stationery is at hand. if you’d like your own version of a thank you stamp or if you have something else in mind, please don’t hesitate to contact me.┬áhead on over to the shop and see what else is new. enjoy!

thank you stamp | #madeinthefold

thank you stamp | #madeinthefold

thank you stamp | #madeinthefold


product spotlight: baby announcement

this is hopefully the first of many updated products for this new year (look for calendars coming soon!)

this baby announcement can be customized with full name, birth stats, birth date and more if you’d like. for more details and information, please head over to my etsy shop! you can convo me there or email me to begin the process of creating your own. enjoy!

baby announcement | #madeinthefold baby announcement | #madeinthefold baby announcement | #madeinthefold

product spotlight: new menu stamps

a recent inquiry about a custom product allowed me the chance to develop this idea into a new product for the shop!

completely customized and handwritten, this stamp was created and sized at 5″ square to be used to hand stamp all of the bride’s menu cards. this is a great option for the bride who isn’t shy of a little DIY and taking on a bit of production herself. i’d love to talk to you about a stamp or favor idea for your day – please don’t hesitate to contact me! enjoy!

custom menu stamp | #madeinthefold custom menu stamp | #madeinthefold
custom menu stamp | #madeinthefold
custom menu stamp | #madeinthefold

product spotlight: book and notebook covers

this idea was birthed by wanting to give an old piece a new look. customizable in size and color, these covers can be made for any hard or soft-covered book or notebook. whether you’d like to re-organize a library, create a brand-new look with color-coded spines, or create a collection of customized journals, anything is possible with this idea. please head over to my etsy shop later on today for a peak at the listing and details. enjoy!

book and notebook covers | #madeinthefold book and notebook covers | #madeinthefold book and notebook covers | #madeinthefold book and notebook covers | #madeinthefold

product spotlight: graduation announcements

in the process of continuing to expand my products and selection, i have begun to look to those events in life where paper goods are always a benefit and fun addition. these announcements are intended for grads from high school or college, but the idea can easily translate to a baby announcement or any other type of news that you’d like to spread to those you love. head over to the shop for pricing and details!

grad announcement | #madeinthefold grad announcement | #madeinthefold grad announcement | #madeinthefold grad announcement | #madeinthefold

recently gifted: custom photo mat

it wasn’t too long ago that i shared this idea and custom request, but i recently gifted a photo mat of my own. i gave this mat to a couple with lyrics from the song to which the bride walked down the aisle. the music in their ceremony held a lot of meaning and was full of worship and praise, including this song.

this item is now officially also listed in the shop. if you’d like me to letter something on a mat for you or for someone you know, please don’t hesitate to convo me through etsy or send me an email!

hand-letttered photo mats | #madeinthefold hand-letttered photo mats | #madeinthefold hand-letttered photo mats | #madeinthefold

product spotlight: baby name prints

my most recent idea for watercolors includes customizing them into prints for baby names. the idea can take the form of whatever you might want it to look like. whether it’s an important verse, meaning of the child’s name, date of birth, or prayer over their life, i’d love to paint and write whatever vision you might have. sizes and colors can be chosen as well (pictured below is sized at 5 x 7). enjoy!

baby name prints | #madeinthefold baby name prints | #madeinthefold baby name prints | #madeinthefold

recently updated: envelope styles

the most recent envelope style was revealed at the NotWedding (pics and details to come soon). this new style is available in any ink color and envelope combination of your choice. i just finished an order of this new style for a recent bride in black ink on kraft paper. custom inquiries are always welcome. enjoy!

new envelopes | #madeinthefold new envelopes | #madeinthefold new envelopes | #madeinthefold new envelopes | #madeinthefold