recently inspired: valentine’s day

just the other day, i decided to put together a little bit of inspiration for valentine’s day. with a little twist on the traditional holiday palette, i combined handmade envelopes, hand-cut hearts and painted valentines. both the handwritten valentine and the painted valentine are samples of new items in the shop. also in store are a few other exciting products soon to come. i hope you are inspired by love. enjoy!

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recently wrapped: christmas gifts

i hope your holidays were filled with warmth and the closeness of friends and family.

in wrapping this year, i largely kept it simple with a few special touches. i also added in some greenery and fun ribbons that were found at a local craft stores. of course it’s always fun to personalize packages with a special written touch, so i hand-lettered favorite phrases or christmas carol lyrics onto a few as well.

here’s to all 2014 has in store. happy holidays!

christmas wrapping | #madeinthefold christmas wrapping | #madeinthefold christmas wrapping | #madeinthefold christmas wrapping | #madeinthefold

inspiration: thanksgiving favor idea

for me, the special moments of the holiday season are always captured in the smallest details. i styled a simple place setting consisting of copper, kraft, and cranberry. this look is simplistic but full of texture. a kraft paper roll (like the one below) could be woven through pumpkins or other decor to mark place cards for each guest.

this year, i was inspired to create individual favors for each guest to take home. mulled cider is a popular drink of choice during the holidays, and this favor idea has everything that they would need packed in a small muslin bag to make their own warm beverage this season.

to make your own mulling spices here’s what you’ll need:
2 cinnamon sticks
1 teaspoon allspice berries
1 teaspoon whole cloves
2 whole star anise (optional)
cardamom pods (optional)

to make cider, break up the larger spices, place them all in a cheesecloth pouch. pour 2 quarts of apple cider into a pot. add 4 strips of lemon or orange zest and the spice mixture and heat until warm enough to serve.

warmest wishes to your family this thanksgiving.

thanksgiving favor idea thanksgiving favor idea thanksgiving favor idea thanksgiving favor idea

product spotlight: new menu stamps

a recent inquiry about a custom product allowed me the chance to develop this idea into a new product for the shop!

completely customized and handwritten, this stamp was created and sized at 5″ square to be used to hand stamp all of the bride’s menu cards. this is a great option for the bride who isn’t shy of a little DIY and taking on a bit of production herself. i’d love to talk to you about a stamp or favor idea for your day – please don’t hesitate to contact me! enjoy!

custom menu stamp | #madeinthefold custom menu stamp | #madeinthefold
custom menu stamp | #madeinthefold
custom menu stamp | #madeinthefold

recently inspired: washi tape

even though washi tape is all the craze these days, there are still some things i truly do love about it. color, pattern, texture and functionality are a few of the things that are my favorites about this ever so popular product. when packaging items to ship or when gifting, i turn to my stash for the perfect color and design. the other day, i pulled out a few rolls and mixed them with props i had laying around for a simple styled arrangement. enjoy!

inspiration: washi tape | #madeinthefold inspiration: washi tape | #madeinthefold inspiration: washi tape | #madeinthefold inspiration: washi tape | #madeinthefold inspiration: washi tape | #madeinthefold

recently gifted: new and old journal

a few friends of mine have a deep appreciation for and often collect antiques. as belated Christmas presents, i decided to make them “new” journals by using old books that i found at my favorite spot to source beautifully-aged wares. i carefully cut out the inside, found new paper to suit the inside of their journals, and then re-bound them to create a brand new blank book for them to fill with ideas, words and drawings. below are pictures from just one of the finished journals. several years ago, while in college, i decided to make my first journal, and i have loved using the basics of book-binding in so many different ways since then. here’s to crafting!

new/old journal | #madeinthefold new/old journal | #madeinthefold new/old journal | #madeinthefold

love notes

recently, when i was brainstorming valentine’s day goods, i also thought of a few fun ways to leave love notes for your someone special on a day filled with lots of extra sweets and treats. below are just a few ideas that i captured to let someone in your life know just how treasured they are by you. i don’t think you can ever tell someone that you love them too much. happy valentine’s day! xo

love notes love notes love notes love notes love notes

recently crafted: holiday gifts

it’s the time of year where friends and acquaintances alike sometimes ask me to hand-craft presents for them to give away. i absolutely love it because in the last few years, i have attempted to hand-make all my christmas gifts completely. so, it’s always an exciting thing for me to be asked to craft a unique gift for a future recipient.

one of those gifts this year was a such an honor to be a part of. it was a sentimental gift in the most special of ways. a phrase that a husband wrote down to his wife right before he unexpectedly passed away. when i saw the phrase and heard the story behind it, i decided to make a quilt square and hand-embroider the phrase into the center. i finished it with a linen backing so it could slip easily into a frame. kristin, thank you so much for asking me to create this for you! enjoy!

quilt square quilt square quilt square

recently inspired: found holiday palette

i was rummaging through my props the other day and found this beautiful tray  (that i got for only $3!). i kept looking and decided to piece together several more pieces to create a mini-shoot (one of my favorite things to do). i have recently been drawn to using gold, especially in combination with kraft paper, but this time i decided to make some envelopes out of leftover black card stock and line them with a gold textured paper i also had laying around. as i kept trying to layer pieces in, i added some gold-toned stamps, new blue washi tape, colored pencils and more until i was happy with the layout. the product was a uniquely made palette that i think would be great for a holiday or new year’s party. gold, orange + bright blue is just different enough to put a modern spin on a traditional color like gold. enjoy!

found palette | #madeinthefold found palette | #madeinthefold found palette | #madeinthefold found palette | #madeinthefold

recently packaged: holiday gifts

here’s to holiday wrapping! presents and gift-giving are one of my absolute favorite things. the anticipation of giving a gift makes me all giddy inside. when thoughtful, detailed packaging and hand-lettered elements combine, it creates a gift that is sure to give joy both to the recipient + the giver. i’ve pulled out some of my (most favorite) kraft-colored boxes once again in combination with a modern take on the standard red + green christmas palette. crocheted ribbon, stamped twill tape (with my new holiday stamp), punched and stenciled snowflakes, handmade wire spheres, rick-rac, trimmings and more make up this grouping of carefully packaged presents. i hope this gives some inspiration to utilize whatever you might have on hand when wrapping that next holiday gift. enjoy!