increasing praise in community

psalm 34

my own paraphrase of the first 7 verses of psalm 34.
in each of my days, at every time, i will choose to make Papa God high because of His character. all throughout the day, i cannot stop ascribing worth to who He is.
my mind, heart, and will find their value in His being. who I am in Him brings me worth. let those who lift Him higher than themselves be glad and full of peace.
come, let’s make much of Papa God and all that He is, let’s give praise to Him together.
i searched Him out, and i found Him waiting to answer me. His presence brought peace and calm from my fears.
when i seek Him for what I need, He gives me joy and happiness that cannot be hidden, there is never a need to feel shame because His love continually overwhelms me.
He hears the hearts of the poor and gives attention to their needs. He saves them from whatever they may be facing.
those who are sent from the Lord make a dwelling around them who are in awe of Him and they are rescued.

verse 3 in the ESV says, “oh magnify the Lord with me, and let us exalt his name together!”
we continue to build up His name and increase Papa’s value with one another when we exalt and/or magnify Him and His character in the presence of other believers. we have an opportunity not only to ascribe worth to Papa, but also to help build up one another and encourage the body when we speak praises about who He is. sometimes we need to be reminded of His works and what He has done, sometimes we can’t remember for ourselves.
let us not only choose to be intentional with giving Papa praise individually from the innermost places in our own hearts, but also when we come together. whether at home with family, at work, or with friends around the dinner table, let us make much of Him and all of who He is together, in community. let’s choose to give praise to Him. together.


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