recently crafted: handwritten valentines

last week i spent an afternoon thinking on and crafting some goods to put in the shop for valentine’s day. as i was pondering what to write, lots of “be mines” and “xoxos” were floating around in my head, along with the traditional palette that always consists of red, red and more red. all of these things are great, sweet and meaningful, but sometimes, i just have the urge to stray from the traditional. in fact, most times, that’s what i’d rather do. so in going my own way, i put all of those thoughts aside, and went back to the basics, for me. kraft paper, white ink, and soft hues. below is the product of my afternoon’s work. i was inspired by the sentimental poem from e.e. cummings “i carry your heart,” and used that as a jumping off point for my inspiration. with lots of room for customization, these goods can now be found in the shop. so, go check out these and more available for v-day. enjoy!

valentines | #madeinthefold valentines | #madeinthefold valentines | #madeinthefold


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