stirring new creativity: 365 days

i’ve heard and read quite a bit about the popular 365 projects lately. a few people, that i know personally, have actually accomplished them on their own in years past. looking forward in this new year, it seemed to be so fitting to have a small, attainable goal each day for me to accomplish to help stir my own creativity in new ways. so i am going to hand-letter and/or illustrate something every day for the next year – all 365 days of it.

it should be an interesting journey. sitting down and writing, dreaming, planning and thinking about all the things that i desire to happen in this coming year, one of them is to embrace the creativity that i currently have, and start sharing it more in small ways each and every day. i also want to see with more clarity, that i have been extremely blessed. i want to grab hold of these blessings in a tangible way.

i hope to inspire new mediums, new compositions and new formats for my lettering. i also hope this project will bring about expansion, growth, and stretching myself in ways i didn’t think were possible. thanks for coming along on the journey!

#365project #365project #365project


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