recently crafted: handwritten photo mats

this has by far been one of my most favorite projects of all time. not only has it connected me with someone already so dear, but it also was an opportunity for me to be completely open and creative with all forms of my lettering.

this oversized mat was filled with portions of composed wedding vows from a recent wedding. she asked me to find the funny, sweet and sentimental lines and letter them in any way i wanted onto the surface of this mat. she had taken the photos of the wedding (stunningly beautiful ones), and was going to give this frame and photo to the bride and groom as their wedding gift.

at the place where we met, sipped coffee together, shared our hearts and made the actual exchange, i picked up another client for the exact same job, for his wife as his christmas present. it was such a fun day!

below are photos from both mats, each one done differently, each one so fun to create for the recipient. mary anne, i’m so grateful to know you, and thank you for the way you believe in me. your work is a constant inspiration to me!

photo mat 1 photo mat 1 photo mat 1 photo mat 1 photo mat 2 photo mat 2


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