recently inspired: found holiday palette

i was rummaging through my props the other day and found this beautiful tray  (that i got for only $3!). i kept looking and decided to piece together several more pieces to create a mini-shoot (one of my favorite things to do). i have recently been drawn to using gold, especially in combination with kraft paper, but this time i decided to make some envelopes out of leftover black card stock and line them with a gold textured paper i also had laying around. as i kept trying to layer pieces in, i added some gold-toned stamps, new blue washi tape, colored pencils and more until i was happy with the layout. the product was a uniquely made palette that i think would be great for a holiday or new year’s party. gold, orange + bright blue is just different enough to put a modern spin on a traditional color like gold. enjoy!

found palette | #madeinthefold found palette | #madeinthefold found palette | #madeinthefold found palette | #madeinthefold


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