intern experience

a few years ago, as i was finishing up my degree in atlanta at SCAD (savannah college of art and design), i was thrilled to score an internship at anthropologie to help with the holiday display season. this experience was actually extended for another three months, where i got to work at another atlanta location after the holidays with more regular display installation duties. i loved that in my time as an intern, i was able to learn about the ins and outs of the company, to see the weekly responsibilities of what i still consider to be a dream job – crafting things all day – as a display artist, and become part of the team of artists that strategize how to display everything in the store, from all the home goods to each individual apparel item. my favorite part had to be decorating for the holidays. there was so much that we created to make the store environment feel like a winter wonderland. paper chains, glitter, baubles and more were weekly staples! one of my favorite projects in the spring was a window display that we created to raise awareness about the rise in extinction of honeybees. we created our own stencil on the window that resembled a honeycomb pattern and each window got a different placement. enjoy the images below!


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