as many of you know, i’ve been exploring with quite a few ideas lately in my newest venture, truthinwrit. starting modestly, with prints of black ink on paper, i actually saw a much larger vision that allows for a mixture of mediums, colors and expressions of “handwritten truth.” one of the mediums i am most excited to add in has been wood. i purchased this slice of wood last year in hopes of doing something with it, and in the recent weeks of exploration, i decided to pull out a pencil and paint marker, and play around with it a little bit. this is the result. a piece of work that could be hung anywhere, and the options are really limitless with the words that you could say on it. this particular phrase comes from a song that has reached to an even deeper level in my heart than in years past as i walk more into the fullness of what He has made me to be, and as i see the way that He sees me. His love for us is so deep, it’s overwhelming.


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