a few months ago i bought a chalkboard as a new prop to use for backgrounds and styling of images. the other advantage that i have found is being able to test out a phrase compositionally and be able to erase it quickly and try something different. it’s been a great tool, and i find myself looking for phrases to capture, save and go attempt to write in chalk. i also love being able to mix styles of print and script, highlighting different words or emphasizing parts of a phrase in new ways. it’s been helpful, especially with my recent endeavor and newest etsy shop, truthinwrit. the most helpful hint that i have found in regards to working with chalk was to season my board first. so i rubbed over the surface with the side of a piece of chalk and then wiped the board clean making it easier to erase phrases later on. whether you create your own chalkboard surface at home, or buy one from a local craft store, it’s definitely a fun and inexpensive way to try out new ideas again and again. enjoy!


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