inspiration: fashion

sometimes, when i create collection suites, it’s easier for me to work backwards. in the sense that my favorite part about custom design for wedding invitations, is the first inital meeting. i love sitting down over a cup of coffee (or tea) and listening to the personal love story that is inspiring this big event and milestone in their lives. it’s like taking a peak into their world briefly. hearing how they describe their future mate, the history of the relationship and the way he popped the question along with thoughts and ideas they’ve had brewing about the big day. it gets me every time. maybe i’m just a hopeless romantic at heart. i can’t help it. i love the story. we all have one to tell, and for that moment, she opens her world and her heart to share their story with me. the one that is going to shape her future and the future of the one she will soon say yes to with all of her heart.

when i create collections, the process is a little harder for me. the inspiration doesn’t always flow as naturally. i have ideas, but the personality and taste of the person usually play a large part in dictating what the final design looks like, so i have to help “create” that spark for myself. one largely helpful way that i have found recently is to create a storyboard. dreaming up what her fashion taste might be and pairing that with a unique story that i author myself can actually be quite fun. it also still gives me an outlet for my love of fashion and styling that will always be a part of my inspiration. textiles can inspire me in a way that almost nothing else can.

below, i’ve styled an entire outfit, from head to toe, for what the bride might wear to a fun evening out after work, or on a date downtown. it’s a starting point to help me connect the dots. so, until the next few posts, where i will unveil each piece of this new design, enjoy!


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