in development

for the last several weeks, i’ve been trying to pick apart my lettering somewhat to develop some distinct envelope styles. even though its good for things in business (and particularly in mine) to always be changing, sometimes it seems to halt the feeling of progress that i can actually accept something as “finished” and move on to the next task without continually tweaking it again and again. my envelopes have been one of those things.

but, for now, i’m going to put a pause or somewhat “finished” title on them and move on to the next task. i’m sure i’ll return to them again sometime in the near future to develop some more styles once i garner some feedback on what people think about them.

starting small with two styles, one is a mixture of script and print, while the other is a bit fancier with all scripted letters including the address. more styles to come soon. i’m sure of it, but for now, enjoy!


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