recently gifted: hand-lettered pallet

late last fall, a friend asked me to hand-letter a wooden pallet for her daughter-in-law as her christmas present. i was so excited about every step of this endeavor. not only had me and this dear friend reconnected, she was asking me to make something for a mutual, beautiful friend who is so creative and appreciates the arts in a very unique way.

the vision was shared, and the pallet was painted, but i forgot to take photos of the piece before i made the delivery (it was the busy holiday season afterall). but just the other day in my inbox, i saw that she had taken some photos of this pallet, which is now currently displayed on their mantle, and i was so excited to see them! the song lyric is from the band, hillsong, called “desert song.” it was such a pleasure being so specifically involved in her gift! thanks kitti for asking, and thank you callie for the photos!! enjoy!


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