recently crafted: pin board

this pin board was actually made for my desk several months ago, but i thought i would share a little of the process of how i made my own place to keep inspiration and the closest “to-do” list. while pinterest has many, many advantages, so does an actual place where you can pin notes, vintage finds, envelopes from dear friends or just cute knick knacks that seem to always collect.

i found my plain cork board at a local craft store and searched for a fabric that was both pleasing to the eye, but that would also be a good background for all the things i knew would be displayed. i landed on a pretty gray fabric with a delicate pattern. i cut around the edges about 2 inches wider than the board, and used a staple gun to keep it in place. textiles are always a source of inspiration for me in color combinations and patterns, so i made my own swatch strip of fabrics that i loved and stapled that in place as well. then i was ready to pin!

i found this star at a local antique place originally labeled as a christmas decoration, but i love the rusty metal and the shape of it so much, i’ve kept it up the whole year. a graphic postcard that i can’t seem to actually write on and send to someone plus some old postcards and letters also made it to my board. as well as a list of things to accomplish for the current week.

i hope you are inspired to add some color and create a spot to collect all the recent inspiration you are finding to your space! enjoy!


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