an experiential way of knowing

our hearts are not only fragile, they are also disloyal. we continually sway back and forth to the things that take our highest affections – for that moment. i wonder sometimes how the Creator must feel to have created us – in His image – and then for us to almost constantly choose something different than Him. time and time again. we were created for intimacy, and in the truest since, intimacy with Him is all that will ever satisfy the deep longing in our hearts, but yet we choose countless other things, or people before we choose relationship with Him.

i am starting to see, that i think this goes back to the way we perceive. in my actions, i am living out my beliefs (my internalized truth), and these beliefs are what motivate me to do things a certain way. so, in a sense, my perceptions are what drive my actions. if i perceive something will be able to offer me life, hope, joy, etc., then i will probably pursue it. this helps answer the question, what is uppermost in my affections? our perceptions, motivations and our desires are all so inter-connected.

i was recently reading an excerpt from a book, and the author posed this question, “why is there a war against how we know and what we know? Because if our perceptions are distorted, then our desires can be swayed.” how true, and how imperative, then, is it for us to have the correct truth in our hearts and in our minds. david says it this way in psalm 86, verse 11, “Teach me Your way, O Lord; I will walk in Your truth; Unite my heart to fear Your name.”

so our perceptions are our truth, and that truth is based in our experiential knowledge. things we sense that have given us a taste of life in the past. this is where the enemy comes in. being a deceiver, he tries to offer a new “truth” that certain things can promise life. he tries to sway us and our desires for the lesser things. the fight is against dividing our heart into parts, where only certain sections are seeking after righteousness, and others after the flesh.

while gaining knowledge in information is good and right, we must also remember that we must gain experience. we must have both the mind and heart in agreement for something to really become a part of us. information of grace can come into the mind and be processed, but the experience of grace comes into the heart and is then internalized. both the mind and the heart find a rhythm and the information seeps into the core of who we are. the same author says, “the kind of truth that makes people free is when our minds and our hearts begin to agree with God and we begin to see things the way He does. it re-makes us. it transforms us.”

may we grow in the knowledge and experience of all of who He is and has promised us, and may it transform us in the deepest places of who we are so we can extend it to those around us.


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