newly inspired

one of my favorite things to do from pinterest is scroll through my recent pins and spot themes or similarities – in recognizing the patterns of what i’m pinning, it helps me take a greater understanding in what i’m actually being inspired by.

although pinterest is a tool that most (if not all) people are using now, i still find it helpful and convenient, surely more than taking the time to clip out from magazines (although a real pinboard is just as fun!).

this board, and the patterns that i saw, surprised me. the same tones of pink, teal and different combinations of black and white pattern were mixed throughout my pins from the recent months. most of the time, my pins include drawings, styling, florals and design or type. i always love seeing different handwritten treatments, and the large art with a list of cities is definitely a favorite image at the moment. i hope you enjoy!

all images can be found from my pinterest, here.


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