paraphrased: psalm 19

something that i was directed to do for the first time in a study years ago was paraphrasing a psalm (or passage of choice) in our own words. choosing to do this now, helps me get to the author’s heart and connect in a way that often brings a new and unique perspective in addition to reading the passage alone. below, i have written psalm 19 in my own words…

the heavens shout out the goodness of God…His very presence.
the sun, stars and clouds are His masterpiece!
each day and each night their rhythm speaks to His faithfulness.
their power is not heard but seen – every nation in the earth can attest to their beauty.
the sun shines out like a bridegroom with radiance after a wedding –
nothing can be hidden from it’s light.
each day it runs along its course from one side of the earth to the other.

the things the Lord tells us are right and good, giving life to the soul.
His decrees are trustworthy, giving wisdom to those without.
His commands bring joy to the heart and instruct us on the way to live.
to fear Him brings purity and it remains forever – His laws are true and just.
to seek after Him is to find what is better than even the finest gold.
His laws are sweet, tasting better than honey.
they warn those who are going astray but reward the ones who obey.

who can know the sins of each one in His own heart?
i ask you Lord, to draw out the things in me that are hidden and wash them away.
to guard me from doing things that i know are wrong,
don’t let my weaknesses in sin overpower or enslave me.
in this way, i will be free from the guilt that comes as a price of wrong doing and unbelief.

may every thought in my heart and every thing i say with my mouth bless you, Lord.
it is on you that i stand firm, and it is by you that i am rescued and redeemed.


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