spotlight: handwritten fan programs

while i love trying new treatments for handwriting, white ink on kraft paper is one of my favorite mediums to work in right now. these were created with an old fashioned (yet newly purchased) pen and nib set and white ink that i bought at an art supply store. every artist needs a little inspiration by buying new supplies every once and a while. the pen and nib set were a bit fancier than i had seen before, and the white ink was a new kind that i wanted to experiment with.

having done fan programs in the past for clients (for those warm outdoor georgia weddings), i thought it would be fun to incorporate the inspiration behind the completely you invites and create a handwritten fan program in that same style.

there are so many options for programs, and each time i have a new custom client, i try to figure out what works best for the specific ceremony site, the meaning behind their ceremony and information about their bridal party as well as what might work best to continue the inspiration and theme behind all of the other stationery that has been created just for them. the process is so much fun!

if you would like to start the process for your own custom wedding programs, please click here or go to my shop for more information. the options are truly endless, and i can’t wait to start the conversation about what would work best for your programs!


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