recently crafted: drawn journal

when i buy a new journal now, i look for ones that are blank on the cover, just so that i can create my own patterns.

i recently found this blank kraft one, with unlined pages plus a band to keep it closed. (three great reasons to buy it.) when i started drawing at first, i made a very intricate pattern of zigzags with a black fine pen. but, i then decided to get a gold paint marker to create a more dramatic pattern on top. i started simply and then continued to build. when i stepped back, i was happy to see something similar to a plaid design forming. i then added some text in the lower left corner. almost hidden, but a recent scripture that i have clung to recently in the midst of uncertainty. job 10:12, “you have granted life and lovingkindness; and your care has preserved my spirit.”

perfect size, unlined, and ready to fill with whatever thoughts or dreams might need to be written down next. a journal is always something that i carry in my purse with me. hope you enjoy!


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