unrevealed redemption

“‘but this happened so that the work of God might be displayed in his life.’ and with that, Jesus spat on the ground, made some mud to place on the man’s eyes, and healed him (john 9:1-7). the display of God’s works through our wounds, losses, and sufferings is yet to be revealed. and so we groan, and we wonder.” (from the sacred romance by brent curtis and john eldredge)

what does it look like for God’s healing to reach the deepest parts of our being? i cling to this verse found in john in hopefulness that in His ordained timing, He might see it fit to take whatever material that is close by and most useful to touch what is blind or imperfect in me and make it as He originally intended it to be.

i want the continual work of redemption in my mind, heart and soul. the work that my spirit already knows is true. all of the wounds that i carry, some since very early on (maybe even birth), serve a purpose, and if we are willing, they can be redeemed and healed by His touch on us.

we do have to be willing to trust Him and whatever process that may be necessary to accomplish the healing work (sometimes messy and involving mud and spit). if we take that step of faith with Him, with the One who intends and longs for us to be whole more than even we ourselves do, it will require a surrender of struggle. we have to be willing to press into the change that follows and allow our perspective to shift and agree with His purposes. in this way we embrace the healing, whether it is physical sight, a new truth revealed, a promise to our hearts or whatever else it may be. this healing does not leave someone unaffected or with less responsibility – but only a greater understanding of what can be gained – with Him.

so i groan, and i wonder. i ask Him to reveal His timing in what each step of healing looks like in my life. i surrender the struggle and ask Him to be gracious enough to allow me to be one who gets to see His work in my life. so that others can see it and long for Him even more.


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