we all have struggles. different things that we would consider as “failings.” it is in these particular places that, i have found, hold some of the greatest potential to meet Him, the One who created us and the One who formed our most inward parts.

i’ve struggled with weaknesses for years. things that left me feeling like i wasn’t strong enough, but what i am beginning to realize is that these things only allow His strength to meet me in the places that sometimes feel alone and dark. they are moments to allow Him to come and hold me and become my strength when i am failing. it starts with choosing to believe His truth and His words that He speaks over me. our hearts and our flesh are weak, and they do fail us. He never does.

so even though it has been a difficult process of opening up about the things in my heart that can seem “lesser,” it offers an opportunity to those around me in my community to bond and connect in a way that would otherwise not be possible. because when we say that we are weak, we give others the opportunity to say they are too, and in that moment, a deep connection is formed that i think we all crave and desire. we find a similarity in others that allows us to feel connected, loved and even covered up in grace. it’s a manifestation of what His love is towards us. so, in admitting to weaknesses and struggles, and opening up about them to those closest to us, we are really choosing to be brave and courageous, and it allows for the gift of true love to wash over us in a whole new way.


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