hand-lettered wrapping

last week, cyd, from the sweetest occasion, featured me on her blog!
i had submitted a simple DIY project to her along with images, and the post was featured last wednesday!

you can check out the full project with steps and pictures here, but i also wanted to share a few details about it below.

the concept behind the DIY was mainly focused on creating your own gift wrap by hand-lettering your own messages either directly onto the box, or on another material that would be wrapped around the box. one example of the lettering is on twill tape, written with a fabric marker – both were bought at a local craft store, and another example is using doodles and messages on a kraft roll of paper that was then wrapped around a small jewelry gift box.

this idea could be used on any type of gift, from a wedding favor to a birthday present or just an everyday small token to a friend. adding that personal touch is what i love about hand-lettered projects. i hope these ideas might inspire you when wrapping your next gift to someone your heart loves. adding your own personal handwritten note makes the gift that much sweeter. enjoy!


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