family holiday card + photo shoot 2011

the last nine months or so have introduced me to many first-time experiences. last december was one of those chances. i had the privilege of doing a mini photo shoot for one of my dearest friends and her family. we found a spot in a nearby park off the beaten path and walked along the lake taking shots just as the sun was coming up for the day and peaking over the trees.

their two little men (two of the cutest around) helped make the shoot so much fun! i tried to have my camera ready, and although i consider myself still a bit of a newbie as a photographer, the shots ended up coming together and i was able to capture a few sweet candids also.

here are some of my favorite shots:

the plan was to do a mini shoot and then choose a favorite image to become their family holiday card. after all the edits were done, here was the final card that they sent out to family and friends:

thankful for long-lasting friends who let you try new things and believe in you enough to support you stepping into those new places! love you, abraham family!


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