the blooming

bloom //

when flowers bloom they are without shame or inhibition doing what the Maker always meant for them. in fact, it is their intended purpose. first the bud, then the flower, and sometimes the leaves or fruit follow.

in any case, it is usually a beautiful process to behold. when the bloom is about to open, the anticipation gets me. every time. i can’t wait to drink in the detail of the most intricate parts of the inside of the flower with my eyes.

the dictionary describes blooming to be the state or period of greatest beauty, freshness or vigor. it’s the time we all wait for when planting new flowers each year or each season…

i want to be my fullest self. to be radiant and glowing. to come into full beauty, health and to flourish. to be how He intended for me to be, and doing it so others can see His beauty. whether it looks like a bloom that opens in the midst of summer heat, or the one who needs the cooler temperatures to coax open its petals, i am seeking after what He has put inside of me for others to see, and i think, just maybe, it might be time to bloom.


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