lavender editorial shoot

this project is actually from a few years ago, but i’ve never had the opportunity to share my contribution to this photo shoot personally, so i’ve decided to share some of this day from the king plow arts center. this venue is industrial in nature, but still feels like a loft. it was so inspiring just to walk around in. the talented tec petaja took all the photos, and the shoot was featured on oncewed both here and here.

the inspiration for this shoot was all about the softness of vellum, translucent paper and fabrics, combined with the color and texture of lavender and paired with romantic candlelight. this was one of the first projects where i was able to use my hand-lettering (seen on the place cards). i handmade a variety of paper flowers, and i also was asked to make a vellum chandelier (which turned out to be quite the undertaking!).

i used small PVC piping that was joined together for the frame. strips cut of vellum were punched by hand and then joined together by jump rings. i wanted the strips to be fluid and hang naturally and thought that joining them with the jump rings would allow for that to happen. i attached a metal ring in the center of the top part of the frame with wire and we hung the chandelier by fishing wire in the arts center.

the flowers were made from a variety of materials including tissue paper, handmade paper and vellum. the last image shows the idea for the ceremony – a structure filled with draped vellum and loads of candlelight. to see more images from tec, go to his blog, here or here.



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