spring botanical wedding

this custom suite that was made for caylee and drew, is still one of my favorites.

the color palette they chose was so bright and fresh for their spring wedding. it consisted of apple greens, teals and burnt oranges. the ceremony was held in a church, but the reception was at atlanta botanical gardens, so foliage and birds made up most of the imagery, and these invitations were one of the first where i included the handwritten names of the bride and groom. all illustrations were hand-drawn and then digitally colorized.

color was definitely utilized throughout this entire suite and is something i love incorporating into all my suites. it really is one of the elements that makes each suite their own. all the details of their day were fun and special, and caylee added even more style by sealing the belly bands that were printed to bundle their pieces together with a wax seal! i also created a piece for the day of their wedding – the programs. caylee and drew, i loved being a part of your day!

to see more information about custom suite pricing and other details, go here.



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