learning a new rhythm


it’s an interesting word. it’s literal meaning is “a strong, regular, repeated pattern of movement or sound.”

in terms of how it plays out in my life is still being determined. all of us need a rhythm for our lives. getting up and going to work 5 days a week, having 2 days off, then doing it all over again. life is formed by the moments that are repeated over and over, and we all crave a consistency within these moments that we think help define us or rather help give us a sense of what to expect, even a false sense of thinking we have some sort of say or control over what comes next. that’s why we are thrown for such a loop when one moment brings unexpected news or a tragic interruption in what we have defined as our own “rhythm.”

i’d like to learn a new rhythm. one that is marked by connectedness. one of being with the Creator of all in a constant sort of way. He made me. knitted me together in my mother’s womb and knew all of the inner details of my heart before i even entered the world. what could be better than being constantly held and continualy kept by Him? what would that look like?

in looking at the way things were ordered in the times of the Israelites, i see a distinct pattern of rhythm that He intended for them to have. even as far back as creation. He worked for six days making the earth and everything in it, purely from the words of His mouth. His breath spoke things into existence. then, on the seventh day, He rested. no work, not even meaningful work was done. it was simply intended for Him to be. to exist. to behold what He created. He intended these same things when He instituted the sabbath day when He gave the law to moses. we can even see it when He provided them daily manna, and told them to gather enough on the sixth day for the seventh. choosing to trust in His provision and take that day to do no work.

we see how He has ordered this simply in creation. the waves come in and go out. the sun rises and then sets. all is ordered in a sense of time repeated. in pattern. someone said it this way in an article i read back in december, “We need rhythm in our time—it’s what makes one moment different from another. It gives shape and color and form to all of life.”

this intentional day, or our sabbath, really speaks to relationship and connectedness – things He intended for us to experience fully – even before the fall happened. it’s a place where we are abiding and remaining in a place of knowing who we are in Him and operating out of a sense of who we are to Him. identity stems from knowing what our place and significance is, and it’s only found in Him, in intimate relationship.

so, i’m wanting to find this place of remaining, of abiding, of resting in the way He intended. of choosing to abandon the things that leave me less connected to Him, and permitting things that would allow me to be more in tune with His presence. where there is freedom, joy and peace. choosing to be grateful for what He has given to me, and what i can give to Him out of the abundance that He has blessed me with.


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