it’s all about the timing

these lyrics, from a song that i was listening to this past weekend, are still ringing in my ears and my heart.

yesterday the spring was beckoning to me on my way home for lunch. i stopped and did what i haven’t done in months – i grabbed my camera and took a walk outside. the trees, the warm sun, the fresh air, the One who created them… it all captivated me. the wind blew and the sun kept peeking out from behind a big cloud, and i snapped the picture above.

something about this season seems to let hope rise. maybe it’s the newness that we all crave from time to time, or maybe it’s just the promise that some things really are proven over time.

there are so many things that i have learned and felt about time these last few months.
how all things really aren’t healed with time alone / but can be healed still.
how time is a marker in so many ways / things redeemed and those things yet to be redeemed.
how time is valuable / we can use it up or spend it on something worth taking our attention and talents.

time is proof. evidence shown of progress, of change, forward motion.
all things take time to grow, and while you can’t see the early growth or sprouting of a plant or seed, the work is still going on. deep beyond what the eye can detect. in fact, this is where the most crucial growth (and sometimes death) takes place – for this is the development of the root systems, from where it will receive nourishment and be able to grow and fully develop.

so even though sometimes the deep work is the most invisible, it is still important, and things are still happening.
when the spring comes, we realize that this hard dormancy was time for things to implant deeper in our own hearts – in order for things to bloom again.


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