official introductions

hello blog world!

here is more of an official intro into my world…i am aimee, the founder of madeinthefold. customizing in hand-lettering anything that you can think of, my doodles and penmanship practice from long-ago have finally paid off!
right now, i am trying to find my way into the world of weddings, but i love to do just about anything that gets my hands dirty, or busy, or both. with a background in crafting + visual merchandising – i have a love for making things beautiful. because the Creator lives in me and is the source of all beauty, i enjoy taking a small part in spreading His beauty to my surroundings and those around me. in fact, it is often what makes me feel most alive.

to follow on this blog will be thoughts on life, art, inspiration, wedding ideas, personal projects, lots of things about DIYs and of course, all things beauty (in all forms).

to start off, i have created a board below to celebrate the coming of the new season and to introduce a bit of my personal style. this year Spring holds a more powerful meaning for me. as i see the awakening of the plants and trees around me in full bloom, i only hope that my soul would follow in being awakened in the deepest parts and becoming more fully alive. that every one of my senses would be overtaken by the beauty of creation and the Life that is in it. that this would truly be a time where…”the winter is past, and the rains are over and gone. the flowers are springing up, the season of singing birds has come.”

the board below consists of 8 things similar to what i will be ushering in the new season with. whether headed to the beach, or just out to dinner with a close friend, these 8 things will almost be sure to accompany me starting now, all the way through summer. enjoy!

1// match anything accessory no. 1 /silver earrings
2// match anything accessory no. 2 /faceted silver ring
3// small wristlet to fit just the essentials
4// caramel tinted lip shimmer
5// floral lightweight scarf
6// current favorite shade of essie
7// comfy/cute sandals
8// neutral fedora


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